Vivo Racing Q&A

Words by: Jason Delgado

Photography by: Nelson Queralta Jr.

With the winter series now over, its almost time for the Rosewood Racing series to start and one of the teams competing stand out. With horsepower, experience and class. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jeffrey Allan Vivo from the Vivo Racing team. Very cool dude that genuinely loves our community.

Jason Delgado: So tell me what inspired starting the Vivo team? There’s Some real horsepower in that squad.

Jeffery Allan Vivo: We’re all friends or met each other from getting coached by Patrick Sansbury of Pinnacle Coaching or we met through the Racer’s Edge bike shop. I’m an attorney and represent people that get hit by cars on their bike. Thought it would be a great opportunity to spread the word and what better then by pinning on numbers. 

VIVO: One of our goals is not only to have fun racing but also to spread the word on bicycle safety and awareness. Practical information from a racer and roadie (myself) who deals with this stuff daily. My goal is to show new riders how to stay safe.

JD: That’s cool tell me more about the team who are the members ? What’s your goal.

Vivo: Alex Zambrana who’s an ex-Colombian pro. He’s placed 4th and 6th at Nationals, and is also at CAT1 MTB Racer.

Alex Zambrana

Vivo: Patrick Sansbury of Pinnacle Coaching who’s our coach and a multi-state Champion jersey holder, also a Rosewood trophy winner.

Patrick Sansbury.

Vivo: Yip Tsang who’s a time trial specialist. Multi State TT champion CAT 1 racer.

Yip Tsang.

                     Vivo: Jonet Hernández AKA “Flaco”. Cat. 2, Masters ace. Lion heart. Been racing forever.

Jonet Hernández.

    Vivo: K. Saki. Ageless wonder. Cat. 3. Played bike polo. Worked with USA crits.

K. Saki.

Vivo: Gaston Diaz (not pictured). Cat. 4. Climbing sensation. Argentinian. Owner of a Pool cleaning service company. And of course myself Jeffrey Allan Vivo Attorney. Cat. 3. Former Div I swimmer.

Jeffrey Allan Vivo.

Vivo: Our Goal is to be one of the premiere teams in South Florida and top 3 at the Rosewood Series races. Through team oriented racing by implementing tactics, racing in a clean classy way, and good showing sportsmanship for other competitors.

 Vivo: Individual riders will be shooting for nationals so Rosewood is a tuneup and for fun.

JD: That’s refreshing definitely seeing that class and sportsmanship on the field. Who designed your kits ?

Vivo: Alex Z did most of the leg work. He had his own bike shop and has lots of connections in the industry. He had a guy in New York who has designed many great things. His name is Quinlan Omahne. Ironically enough. K Saki and him played bike polo together many moons ago. Yet K Saki had no idea that it was a Quinlan design. Small World.

JD: Z Bikes, I remember the shop. I’ve seen Alex Z ride for some time now definitely a gentleman. Small world it is, incredible how many people share this passion. I’ve also seen K Saki work his way up the ranks.

JD: What’s a day outside of racing like with the Vivo team ?

Vivo: Depends on who you are talking about. I personally wake up at 4:45 and get my workout in. Patrick coaches. K Saki. Alex. Myself. Our team is pretty spread out. We do sometimes run into each other at group rides and coaching training sessions. We’ve all been racing around each other for awhile. Especially Flaco. Alex. Patrick. And Yip. They have been around for some time. Alex Z  rode for Cafe Colombia. World tour rider. He won’t brag but he is the real deal.

JD: We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the team in action.

VIVO: It’s has been an honor and a privilege to be on a team with these guys. We have a group chat that we are constantly busting each other’s chops throughout the week. We all have a lot of stuff going on in our lives but we live for Sundays.

JD: Thank for your time Jefferey, and we wish the entire Vivo Racing team the best this racing season.

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