photos by Nelson Queralta Jr

What do you think is the most overlooked upgrade? Or even better what would you consider to be the best up grade for the money? Sure you can say a power meter, thats a great choice. Or even wheels, but have you considered a bike fit?

Vince Damiani of Tune Cycles.

Odds are you haven’t gotten a proper bike fit since the purchase of your current bike. You’re missing out on some watts if thats the case. Comfort is often overlooked yet is one of the most valuable upgrades. When it comes to fit keep your ego on check and learn from your body.

Your fit will change over time and it’s affected by many things like flexibility, weight, fitness, and even time on the saddle. Your body will go through changes the more you ride your bike. Yes weight lost will happen, yes you will become more fit and yes you’ll ultimately be happier. Would you want to throw all of those benefits out the window for lack of maintenance?

No we didn’t think so, as an active cyclist bike fit is something to keep an eye on. As our bodies change so does its anatomy, muscles grow and at times compress because lack of cross training. This can lead to injury which in turn can lead to extended time off the bike.

Talking about injury if you’ve ever had a fall or crash, no matter how small you think it is, your body may have some trauma and as a defense mechanism muscles will tense up. If you proceed to riding like this it can lead to permeant injury.

We recommend having your bike fit checked once a year. There are many standards,  I personally like the Steve Hogg CycleFit. The fitter we like to work with is Vince Damiani at Tune Cycles, who has experience in many of these systems like Retul and Guru to name a few. Other bike shops offer bike fits as well, just be sure to get it done with someone who has the expertise in the field.

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