The Bike: Craftmanship

Words by: Jason Delgado

Photography: Nelson Queralta Jr

Craftsmanship. The moment something is beyond fascination.

We have all experienced this at one moment or another.  Heck, we’re cyclists, but what’s more fascinating then riding a bike? Well, maybe it’s the bike itself?

We had the opportunity of witnessing a master of craft at work. When asked why do you do this? A simple response was given by Cannondale Pro Osmar Torres, “I like bikes “. We caught up with Osmar while building a sweet Cannondale CAAD12 disc belonging to Keiko Fernandez and we couldn’t help but admire Osmar’s attention to detail.

Simple yet not so simple; witnessing Osmar “Ozzie” Torres assemble masterpieces of machinery you can’t help but notice his fascination for the craftsmanship. Carefully observing the welds, cable routing, carbon and how they all come together.

Once the admiring is over he gets to work, already having planed the build. From where to route the cables to the length they need to be cut.

All of this sounds very simple but it really isn’t. There is a point where function and form are one and with his experience from working at Mack Cycle & Fitness and now a Cannondale Pro Mechanic has mastered this point.

We’d like to thank Ozzie for letting us cover him while doing what he loves most and also our friends at Mack Cycle & Fitness.

Mack Cycle & Fitness


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