The 3T Strada & 1X Drivetrain System

Photos courtesy of 3T and Bike Hugger.

Recently UCI Pro Continental Team Aquas Blue Sport have announced their partnership with 3T for the 2018 season. It’s been a topic of conversation the entire weekend, mainly because of the controversy behind the bike they’ve chosen to ride, the 2018 3T Strada.

The Strada according to 3T is the world’s first aero road bike dedicated to wider tires and a single chainring drivetrain. The bike is completely designed that way and there are no other options. No front Der option and no rim brake option. Yep, it only comes this way. The controversy behind the bike and the partnership with Team Aqua Blue Sport is that the team will start riding these on the highest levels and biggest races in the sport.

So what does that mean for consumers? Well, if it can be ridden to victory there than it can be trickled down to the amateur level.  Also, other brands might start to jump into the opportunity of designing bikes strictly for 1X drivetrain systems. It can start a new market for those who might want to take that path with their personal bikes.

Going into the tech itself, the bike looks awesome. The clean crank area is definitely pleasing to the eye and makes for a good clean aesthetic. The actual system is low maintenance, since you don’t have to worry about a front der.  It’s got less moving parts and the way system works also make it durable.

The rear der is not just a regular der, in order to work with 1X chain it needs to be a clutch actuated unit. The front chainring is also different, where each of the teeth are staggered with a wider/narrow unit. This is made to hold the chain nice and secure as it shifts through the rear cogs. You also get rid of chain slap.

Check out the vide above by GCN, as they go deeper into the technology behind the 1X drivetrain system. Looking forward to seeing these bikes duking it out in some of the sports biggest races next year.


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