The first Category 3 race of the Rosewood Winter Series did not disappoint. This year, CAT3 racers are on a field of their own, opposed to previous years when they’ve been racing with the CAT12 riders. From the looks of it, it was due to an influx or racers upgrading from CAT4, thus the field size increased and it was a safer option to have them racing on their own.

The field of about 20+ racers, to the left you have the juniors which I can assume are CAT3 racers themselves.
When you’re under 18 but your swag is 21 and over. Rocking that Holy Frijoles kit.
Vivo Cycling Attorney had a stacked squad, with Harrison on the right, Presi on the left, and Jeff Vivo himself in the middle.
Jose “Joyto” Hernandez of Amino Rip at the line. Usually Amino Rip has a great attendance, but with most of their riders in CAT1/2, Joyto was on his own for the CAT3 race.
Ronel riding for Team Metronome. Train indoors to kick ass outdoors 😉
And they’re off! Vivo’s team controlling the pace in the front early on.
The race was pretty exciting!
With riders checking each other and anticipating attacks the entire time.
The bunch stayed together for most of the race, with plenty of attempted attacks but nothing stuck.
Take notice of this junior. I wasn’t able to get her exact age, but definitely an under 18 rider racing in the CAT3. Future is bright for this young racer. Even though she was dropped and eventually lapped a few times by the field. She didn’t give up and finished her race, chappeu.
The bunch pushed on and stayed together for a bit longer. Alfredo Diaz of Team Cornerstone dialed in.
There wasn’t much action, until Alfredo Diaz of Team Cornerstone and Jeff Vivo of Vivo Cycling Attorney, staged an attack on the bunch.
They both established some space, and working together stayed out on their own for a while. Keeping the bunch at bay.
Ronel of Team Metronome attempted to attack and bridge the gap, but no riders left with him.
Jeff Vivo had his ace sprinter Harrison still in the bunch, with a few laps remaining he relays orders to have Harrison bridge the gap and attempt to join him on the break.
A few laps later.
Harrison did just that, and the two-man break grew to three with the Vivo team having two riders in the mix.

Talking strategy.
But after that hard effort to close the gap, Harrison just didn’t have the legs to beat out Alfredo Diaz at the line, and he came crossed the finish for the win.
With Harrison on the second podium spot, and Jeff Vivo third.


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