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Photos by Nelson Queralta Jr

The first of race day of the 2018 Race Season has officially passed. Morning Ride Cycle Club’s race coverage of the Category 1/2 race, which had a smaller field this year due to the exclusion of Category 3 racers, which will now race on their own separately. A smaller field means a much harder race, less places to hide and more chances to read and make attacks.

CAT 3 Florida Road State Champ Alexis Cespedes of Team Sil Carbon.

Patrick Sansburry of Pinnacle Coaching lining up at the start of the race.

National Criterium Champion Alex Zambrana ready to race.
Representing the stars & stripes is an honorable feat, and Alex wears them well.
Gunter Hermanni riding for Team Amino Rip in attendance.
Also riding for Team Amino Rip is Luis Zayas AKA “Presidente”.
Anthony Yaques is the third CAT1/2 rider for Team Amino Rip. Having some fun at the line, racing is hard. But you gotta have fun, if not…then what’s the point?

With such a small field, gaps started forming right from the start.
First breakaway attempt of the day was Andrew Geffner and Patrick Sansburry.
But they soon got caught by the group.
After a few more breakaway attempts, a group of 5, which included Cespedes, Sansburry and Hermanni, finally crated some space to stay away.
Yoelkis “Pistolita”, riding for South Miami Bike Shop, worked hard by himself to bridge the gap.
Which took him a while to close, since the break had almost a full lap lead.
Being a strong sprinter, the breakaway was working together not to let Yoelkis join them.
But he kept working and eventually made it to the break.
Meanwhile, further back. Luis Zayas & Alex Zambrana were keeping close tabs on the break and each other. Staying far behind just enough.
Zayas, who’s another great sprinter. Decided to attack Zambrana and bridge up to the break.
With a teammate, Gunther went to the front and drilled it. A strategy to wear out the other riders while your teammate remains in the draft nice and fresh and ready for the finish line.
But at the line, nobody was able to out-sprint Yoelkis for the top spot. After closing the gap himself, he ended up also having the legs to take the win.


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