ProCyclingMiami Women’s Racing

This coming Sunday is the Pro Cycling Miami Velocé Cup. Pro Cycling Miami is a very well organized race series, sanctioned by USA Cycling and most importantly host to a women’s only criterium race.

Women’s racing in all levels, needs all the help it can get and these races held by Pro Cycling Miami are a huge push to the growth of women in the sport of cycling.

The head of Pro Cycling Miami is Johan Ismail, this may be a familiar name as he is the organizer of the Vuelta a Miami, one of the few local road races held in Miami.

Johann also organizes criterium races and keeps everyone in mind. This is the only race organizer that has a woman’s only category in Miami, which is extremely important and vital to the growth of the sport and the community. Other organizers need to follow this formula and give women their own race. This cannot be stressed enough.

Take Rapha for example, who ended it’s partnership with Team Sky but kept the sponsorship for the woman’s Canyon/Sram team. This is an indicator in the value of the development and growth of women in the sport.

At times the woman’s filed makes for a better race to watch simply because they’re racing to prove more than just a win but to show they’re just as capable of men. We hope not sound sexist with that statement, but it’s the truth.

We wish all the racers this Sunday luck in the Pro Cycling Miami Velocé cup. Which we’re happy to say will include both men and women’s races.


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