As we discussed on past articles, Johan Ismail, organizer of the Pro Cycling Miami race series is the only one in Miami who holds a women’s only category criterium race.

Having a women’s only field is extremely important as it gives growth to the involvement of women in the sport. It also provides them an equal opportunity to compete fairly.  At Morning Ride CC we believe in showcasing women’s racing counterpart to the men, as that will help grow the field.

The more women racing, the more women are going to want to race. It’s that simple.

Going into today’s race there were two strong riders, Erika Sosa of One Love Cycling.

And Jeanine Seeger racing for Monster Media Women’s team.

These were clearly the two marked riders in a strong field, but the peloton was determined to keep them in check.

Quickly, an initial break was formed. Consisting of Seeger, Sosa, Romina K.Ling racing for Team Covita, and Valentina Chacin of Amino Rip.

While the group was working to catch the break.

Jeanine Seger created an opportunity t0 attack the break on a solo effort.

The field broke into pieces, you had the main group, the initial break of four women who were now chase group, and Seger off the front a solo break.

It was a display of pure dominance.

Seger never looked back and time trialled to victory.

The chase group eventually got caught and it came down to a field sprint for second place. That was taken by Erika Sosa.

The women’s race did not disappoint, as we stated there was a display of tactics with numerous breakaways and attacks. Not everybody is a sprinter, Jeanine Seger’s solo effort was refreshing. The race was fun to watch and very exciting.

We hope to see more races in this fashion.

For more photos and results, follow the links below.

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