ProCycling Miami Velocé Cup: Master’s A Race

The Master’s Race was a thing of perfection. The moment the whistle was blown, moves were made. The race was intense from the beginning as you could hear riders communicating and motivating each other.

Jose Armas of D’Professional Race Team instantly attacked and a few followed.

It was very early in the race and the odds were against this initial break and the peloton re-grouped.

But D’Professional, once again, displayed masterful tactics for having their riders in key moments.

Shortly after the Armas break was caught, Jonet Hernandez went on the attack. The field was constantly strained and it was clear that D’Professional was controlling the race.

There was horsepower in the peloton, and Jonet’s attack was also shut down.

But shortly after, Jose Armas went on a solo attack.

With 2 laps to go, Armas was still on the break putting down some big power as the peloton was never that far behind. With his teammates at the helm, it solidified his possible win on a solo break.

On the last lap, Armas was still leading from a break, down to the last turn of the race. With teammate Ransford Robinson tactically slowing down the group, Jonet Hernandez and Jose Solis stole the field sprint for 2nd and 3rd place.

Leading to a D’Professional podium sweep.

We’re excited to see the next race. This display of great tactics and team work goes to show that it doesn’t have come down to a field sprint to get the win.

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Morning Ride CC Photo Coverage 

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