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Training with power can be a touchy subject for a lot cyclists. It can be an intimidating tool that requires a learning curve which can challenging to most. I must admit, it was very challenging to me at first. Before I started using a power meter, I would make up excuses for not getting one. Whether it was the initial cost, or the fact that it was going to change my style of riding. Also, one of the most important aspects of training with a power a meter, is the commitment it requires.

Most cyclists have a linear trajectory in the sport, as a cyclist you can remember the very first day you got on a bike and went out for a ride. You can remember the first time you completed a 30 mile ride, then up to 60 and finally up to the much coveted Century (100mi) Ride. As you progressed within the sport and took it more serious, you remember how you changed as a cyclist. From upgrading your bike, to rocking new threads. As you challenged yourself further your body starts making drastic changes and you reach higher levels of your fitness.

Well, training with a power meter is unlocking a whole new level in cycling.

Yes, it can be intimidating. It’s definitely challenging. It’s not easy and you have to commit. If you’ve got zero issues with everything I’ve just mentioned, then you’re ready. Now what? Well you start out with getting a power unit.

Stages Cycling

Stages Cycling has been around for a long time in the production of quality and affordable power meters. They supply Team Sky with their power units and that goes a long way. The pro peloton is where a lot of companies develop products that end up making it to the consumer level. This is a company that has worked closely with the most successful team in cycling over the last decade.

Stages also sent us their new Dash head unit which incorporates a complete ecosystem from the company. This includes your Stages power unit, the Dash head unit and bringing it all togetheris Stages Link, which is their advanced automated coaching and training program that adapts with your performance. Other companies like Pioneer and SRM also have their own head units to match with their power units. With Stages you get that same fluent ecosystem but adding Stages Link brings everything together in an awesome package.

I’ve had the units installed on my Fuji Transonic for the past months. Initial impression: The ecosystem works flawlessly. Very easy to calibrate the power unit right form the Dash and the integration to Stages Link works wonderful. From Link you can send your data to Strava or other workout apps.

So now that you’ve got your power units, it’s good to just ride and analyze the numbers you see on the screen with your current fitness. Get used to those numbers and how you feel because it’ll start giving you an understanding of the data. We recommend reaching out to a coaching professional that can put you on the right path and develop good habits about training with power.

That’s where Patrick Sansburry of Pinnacle Coaching comes in.

Pinnacle Coaching

Using the services of a coach will go a long way when deciding to train with power, as we mentioned above one of the intimidating factors is understanding the data that you get from your unit and how it compares to your fitness or fatigue. Good coaching will go a long way if you’re a racer or if you’re just serious about your riding.

Patrick Sansbury is a personal friend so you might think we are biased, but as our relationship with Pat that we can be completely honest. His first bicycle race was at the age of 13, he says his true love has always been cycling. At 38 years of age he’s got more than a decade of training and racing behind what has become the Pinnacle approach to training. The refinement of this approach started at the collegiate level a sound training system which incorporates on and off the bike workouts, in other words more than just intervals and pedaling.

Pat is a five time Florida state champion himself. He understands what’s required on all levels to yield results. With a sound understanding of modern training methods and the corresponding technology (TP,WKO4 ETC) Pat says:

“I can now channel my passion for the sport in ways that allow me to help others reach and exceed their goals”

The Pinnacle system has a strong focus on mental conditioning. We all believe this is a vital part of any training system and is often times over looked. Please don’t take our word for it just read a few of his athletes testimonial’s below.

“A good coach improves your ‘game.’ A great coach improves your life. Sign on with Patrick Sansbury, and you just might get more than you bargained for! He is a coach that believes in the abilities of his athletes, more than they do at times. His philosophy is to live in the process while helping us to attain our goals. The unforeseen bonus is that the process changes YOU for the better along the way. With a forthright style coated in genuine affection for his athletes, Patrick is unparalleled in his knowledge of training with power and is like a surgeon in the precision of the training plans he creates for your individual needs. My initial goals of understanding training with power, increasing my speed and power on the bike, and becoming a smarter racer were met and exceeded. After being hit by a car in 2016 and being blessed to be alive, Patrick said you will come back even stronger. And this I did. A coach and athlete team is a powerful force. Trust the process. Do the work. If you have what it takes to be committed to a plan even when it sucks, then this man will get you where you want to go. Think of what you would like to achieve, and he will provide the path to get you there.”
Gayna Hansen
“Still can’t believe it … I’m a  USA National Champion but my coach Patrick at pinnacle coaching always did. This has been a two-year focus adding half a dozen state titles and the fastest time trial posted in all categories this year. I’m a long-time cyclist; and although I’ve been successful, I have also been unpredictable. Pinnacle coaching provided me with the structure, discipline, and realistic profile of my capabilities. With that structure came a new sense of awareness that has changed me in profound ways. It has transcended physically, psychologically and in a spiritual strength. Having have had many coaches over the years I feel a sense of gratitude in the professionalism and  invested approach provided.”
Alex Zambrana, 2017 National Champion

Training with power is challenge worth taking on, as the results of the hard work put in not only gets you faster on the bike but changes your lifestyle and mindset.

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