Eliel Cycling X MRCC Collection Pre-Sale

Finally the time has come, we’ve collaborated with Eliel Cycling to bring the Miami vibes to life on cycling kits. We’ve designed two kits, one will rock our cycling club logo in the front of the jersey, the other will have our counterpart’s slogan, Last One Buys Coffee.

Miami, FL

Miami is known for it’s night life and year-round summers. On any given night walking down the streets of art centric Wynwood, the famous South Beach or Downtown Brickell, you’ll see lots of style. People like to look good in Miami, the weather here allows them to do so. This is now starting to transfer and reflect in Miami’s cycling community. There are many new comers and cycling veterans alike that are more conscious of what they wear on the bike. There’s a sea of apparel brands in the cycling industry and riders are noticing the differences between them. We designed these kits to reflect that style and vibe coning out of Miami.


Both of the kits were designed by local Miami artist Adriana Maz. Being from Miami she was able to give both of the designs a touch and style that only a local can capture. The Light Blue kit rocks the Morning Ride Cycle Club logo out front, and the Last One Buys Coffee slogan out back in a blue to pink fade. She designed the kit to be subtle and simple, while incorporating complementary colors and contrasting them with a charcoal bib. Leaving this kit with a very classy and elegant vibe.

The Burgundy kit incorporates design inspiration from Miami in the ’80s. When asked what inspired the pattern and colors, Adriana answered, “imagine a guy walking around Miami Beach in the 80s…I gave the kit a retro treatment and the colors are inspired by the Miami sunrise and sunsets.” The Last One Buys Coffee slogan is inspired from the vibe of being competitive, but enjoying the experience and having fun. One of the most enjoyable things you can do on the bike is race your friends to the coffee shop. The slogan is bigger on the this design which lends gives off a friendly challenge.

Why Eliel Cycling?

First and foremost let’s start with the fact that these garments will be made in USA by Eliel Cycling located in San Diego, CA. When choosing to collaborate with an cycling apparel brand, this was a very important part of our decision. The guys from Eliel visited South Florida late last year and we had the chance to ride with them, they saw the beauty in Miami as we do and instantly wanted to be part of this community. Let’s go into a little tech talk and describe some details abut the jersey and bibs, along with their fit.

The top is Eliel’s Rincon jersey which features a race fit, low collar and aero sleeves. A 100% locking YKK zipper, tapered pockets with reflective trimming when riding in low light. The rear bottom of the jersey offers rubber gripping to keep it in place while on the drops or aero positioning. The fabric is breathable and perfect for the hot Miami weather.
The bibs are their Laguna Seca option which also offers a race fit that goes perfect with the jersey. It features laser cut construction, lightweight mesh back upper which helps disperse heat from your back while the hot Miami sun is beaming. They have a breathable, lightweight leg gripper which holds the legs perfectly in place while not cutting circulation. Eliel uses a CyTech Carbon Weave 6+ hour chamois which kills bacteria, removes moisture from the body in turn preventing saddle sores.

The pre-sale for the kits is now live and can be found in the links below and above this post. We’ll be opening it for 2-weeks so make sure to get your order in because once the pre-sale is over, this design will be scrapped for a new one down the line.

Thank you for reading, we’ll see you out on the road.

Eliel Cycling X MRCC Pre-Sale Collection

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