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Our second Last One Buys Coffee Collection with Eliel Cycling has finally arrived. For the second collaboration with Eliel Cycling, we wanted to change things up with the design.


We decided to go with local designer Adriana Maz once more, but this time giving full creative freedom on the kit. She is known for her dimensional shapes and lines, but injecting her designs with unique colorful palettes and fades.

The colors were chosen specifically to reflect an early Miami sunrise since our beaches face the east we get the full range of the sun’s early light. It’s in those early hours of the day, that the best riding in Miami is found. Often times out-of-towners mention how early we start our rides, it’s not only to beat the traffic but to beat the unrelenting heat.


Since we wanted to take our design for the second collection in a completely different direction, we did the same with our photography concept shot by Nelson Queralta Jr.

We went with a more editorial look & feel for the shoot. Shooting the kits at the historic Virginia Key beaches which are often overlooked by the popularity of tourist-clad South Beach. Virginia Key is desolate and quiet in these early hours, giving off the feeling of being in a different dimension of Miami.

Cycling is our passion

As we’ve stated before, Morning Ride Cycle Club is a passion project.

We love every aspect of the cycling culture, from coffee rides with friends on recovery days to interval and structured training regiments. We love the joy and the pain of this beautiful sport, it’s only natural we’d also love its aesthetics. You may notice in the past years cycling garments have become very fashion forward with design concepts, that is something MRCC has always connected with and understood when it came to our own projects.

The colors and fade on this kit were complex and teaming up with Eliel Cycling has always been the best choice. In their recent visit to Miami through the Eliel Rider house, they were able to see the beauty in those early mornings. The base color is called “Nolte” which is a dark and deep blue specific to Eliel Cycling.

Pre-Sale Link

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