Photos by Nelson Queralta Jr

The Lazer Z1 Helmet is Lazer’s flagship road helmet. It’s the lid of choice for UCI World Tour Lotto-Soudal Men’s and Women’s teams. Lazer is a Belgium-based company that has been around since 1919, but it wasn’t until 1980 that they started going by the now famous, “Lazer.” The company has always chosen to evolve with the times and be at the forefront of innovation.

The Z1 has a lot to offer when it comes to road helmets. Lazer decided to combine all the best features of a high performance helmet and push each feature as far as possible. It is the lightest helmet that Lazer sells, coming in at 190 grams for a size Small. It’s got 31 ventilation vents, while still maintaining aerodynamic qualities with it’s “integrated wing” up top.

Lazer’s ARS or Advanced Rollsys Retention System is the company’s innovative system which offers a 360 degree fit adjustment on top of the unit. Rather than the decreasing internal area from the back like pretty much every other helmet on the market. Those internal fit systems end up pushing your head forward in the helmet, thus decreasing comfort, depending on the model. This can be annoying to some riders especially over long periods of time.

Since the ARS system sits on top of the helmet instead of behind it, there’s not need for the a rear strap with an adjustment dial. Which makes the helmet very women friendly since there’s nothing to tangle with hair or ponytails.

Another option available for the Z1 that makes it women friendly is the Lifebeam Heart Rate Monitor compatibility. Lifebeam is a company that makes HRMs, both companies teamed up to offer a helmet with an integrated heart rate monitor. By offering this option, women and men alike can get rid of the chest strap. Which sometimes offer discomfort, again, over long periods of time. Also, the Lifebeam HRMs are 10x more accurate than the chest strap.

 Other options compatible with the helmet are a rear LED light that attaches to the ARS fit adjustment system. The LED is pretty bright, and offers an extra level of safety when riding at night or early hours in the morning.

The LED light looks pretty awesome and doesn’t look out of place like a third party adaption or something like that.

Other options include an aero shell/windblocker, which works great for aerodynamics or cold days on the saddle.

Lazer also offers a MIPS version of the Z1 for an extra $25. For more info on the Z1, check out Lazer’s website below.


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