Giro Cinder MIPS Helmet

Giro’s new helmet release is out, and we’ve got our hands on it for a quick review. This is the Giro Cinder MIPS.


From first glance you can see this helmet looks a lot like the Giro Synthe, which is the company’s flagship road helmet. Although they share a lot of similarities, the Cinder is basically the Synthe’s little brother…..or the Synthe’s mini-me….or, ok I’ll stop.

Personally I bought this helmet to fill the gap in my black helmet slot left by my old Kask 50, it’s recommended to change your helmets every 3 years. I own a Synthe and I absolutely love it, I was about to get a black version of it but with this very similar offering and with a lower price tag ($150 compared to the Synthe’s $280) I figured I’d give it a try.

One great thing about the Cinder, is that it comes equipped with MIPS. I’m not going to get in-depth with MIPS technology for the sake of keeping this review short and sweet. I’ve included a video below that further explains it in-depth if you’re interested in learning more about it.

Now, there are some difference between the Cinder and the Synthe. The Cinder doesn’t share the wind-tunnel and aero techonology that the pricier Synthe does but it does share other aspects. It shares the same in-mold polycarbonate construction as the Synthe, Roc-Loc fit system plenty of vents with internal channeling.

Now as far as looks, I personally love it. I know that looks can be very subjective but if you like the Synthe, you’ll definitely like the Cinder.

As far as perforamance, well I’ve already done a few rides with it. And I gotta say it’s very comfortable. The straps are not too thick so they don’t dig into your lower chin area, the lock for the straps locks tight and securely, I have noticed that it takes a little extra effort to release it that’s maybe because it’s new and as time goes by it’ll loosen up a bit. The Roc-Loc system is fantastic, stays in place once adjusted snug. Another thing I noticed is it’s weight. Giro did a great job on keeping the helmet lightweight, not much of a difference compared to the Synthe.


In conclusion, the Cinder MIPS is a fantastic offering from Giro. I’d recommend it to any rider who needs to upgrade their current helmet and is looking for a MIPS option that looks good, performs and is not a big dent on the wallet.


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