Words by Emily Alvarez | Photos by Michael Cedeño

Pictured: Bianca Pettinicchi (left) and Emily Alvarez.

Good ‘ole Los Angeles – a land where freelance work and side hustles are more commonplace than having a traditional nine to five. As a freelancer myself, I’m on an endless quest to find new places in which to escape the four walls I call my office (also known as my living room) that will simultaneously meet my daily coffee requirements and my need for human interaction.

I’ve explored quite a few coffee shops in the area, each bringing their own uniqueness and value-add to LA’s westside coffee scene, but I had yet to explore the relatively new Good People Coffee Co. In Santa Monica. So I called up my good friend Bianca and we set out on an early morning adventure to catch the sunrise and grab our morning cup.

We rolled up to the shop and set our bikes right out front – clear in our line of sight and visible at all times. Good People is a pretty small spot and although owner and barista, Chuck Herrera, welcomed our bikes inside with open arms, cyclists should keep in mind that if showing up in a group, bikes will probably have to wait outside.

I definitely got what I came for with this trip to Good People. Chuck whipped up a traditional, no-nonsense flat white and its sister beverage – the cappuccino. Both of these paired nicely with the two sandwiches we basically inhaled.

“The Stoner” – Built from a sourdough English Muffin (btw – huge shoutouts to local cyclist and chef, Jeff Mahin, for supplying this carby goodness), this sandwich combines a house-made chili cranberry garlic sauce, Canadian bacon, a soft fried egg, tomato, arugula, and sharp cheddar. Lots of yolk. I love a messy sandwich.

“The Hangover” – House-made Sriracha aioli, fried prosciutto, gouda cheese, arugula, tomato, and soft scrambled egg on a sesame bagel. Mildly spicy. I love a spicy sandwich.

The great coffee and food came coupled with great energy. Good People Coffee Co. creates a space fueled by third wave coffee where conversation flows and people can just shoot the shit. At first, I was a bit bummed that they don’t have Wi-Fi (there goes any shot at my new remote office!) But to be honest, I’m okay with it. The idea behind Good People Coffee Co. isn’t to sit around like zombies and stare at their laptops rather than make human eye contact. It’s to ask a stranger in line how their day is going or to crack a few jokes with whoever is pulling shots that morning. It makes sense why the tables were so damn small. No room for large electronic devices in this joint (#sorrynotsorry).

Owner and barista of Good People Coffee Co. Chuck Herrera.

If what you want is a sense of community with your morning cup, I’d highly recommend visiting this spot. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that it isn’t closer to my house.

Hasta la próxima, Em.

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