Team Feature: D’Professional Race Team

Photos & Words: Jason Delgado 

We awarded Team D’Professional for their stellar tactics at La Vuelta a Miami ’17 Road Race. But, who are these guys ?

Well, most of these gentlemen reside in Broward County located north of Miami, FL. MorningRide has been focused mainly on Key Biscayne and the greater Miami area. There’s a number of fast group rides in Broward County and that’s where the members of D’Professional have honed their skills.
 You’ll most likely see them on the Tuesday or Thursday “Dump Ride” which is a fast hammer group ride,  and also on the Saturday group ride called “Weston Flyers” which also goes on weekdays in the AM. We’re going to visit these group rides on some later articles, so stay tuned.
These rides are fast and very windy creating an excellent environment to work as a team, something extremely important for road racing.
The team is a bunch of friends that like to ride all types of cycling disciplines. You’ll see them smashing up crits and even taking it off road on the sandy rock-filled levy. Personally I learned a lot from these guys by paying attention to their riding style.
The team consist of Nivio Diaz, Jose Armas , Jose Solis, Jorge Garcia, Gus Ferrer, Jonet Hernandez, Ransford Robinson, Jake Silverberg, Andres Alayon, Jerry Cabrera, Paulien Van Etten, Doug DeWeese (quest for Vuelta) and Sandor Delgado.
Jake, Sandor and Andres race the 1,2 and 3 categories and are basically if not already domestic pros. Doug is a MTB state champion. Pauline races the woman’s cat 3 and the rest of the bunch race the Masters category. That means they probably have more saddle time than most of us, so respect their cycling hierarchy. When you see them, say hello, they’re not arrogant and pay attention, I promise you’ll learn a thing or two.
These guys are not the type to say “you’re cheating” if you take off on the descend of the “Aventura ride”. A personal favorite it’s a Sunday morning ride that takes off from Aventura Mall. These guys pin on numbers, actions like that excite them, and will make for an amazing ride.
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