Photos by Nelson Queralta Jr

On a previous post, we identified that one of my bikes needed some love. The saddle was worn and dated. When it came time to select a new one a community friend and respected tech named Ozzie recommend going with Fabric. I didn’t know much about them at the time but I did appreciate and admire their aesthetic. The package had an ambitious claim “The World’s Most Advanced Saddle” like most I simply wrote this off and saw it as fluff, just another marketing term. Was I wrong?

I’d have to say Fabric brought their legs to the race.  The term was far from just another marketing plot. Fabric made a claim and is backing it up. After doing three long rides of four hours; I was so impressed I ordered one for each of my bikes. I am a tech-forward person so I was curious as to what made this such a good looking yet comfortable piece of technology.

Yes, the technology, you read that correctly. Times have changed we are living in a tech-forward world so why not tap into some of the modern day resources to improve an old dated design. This is Fabric’s idea they’re company motto is “Challenge, Innovate, Progress.”  At the helm of Fabric is Nick Larsen he is also the Global Manager of Charge Bikes. His experience at charge bikes is what lead to spinning up Fabric as an independent brand.

He did not want to cut costs on low-end brands to be used on the Charge line of bikes, the alternative was to design and build this in-house. They became so familiar with the process that the next step was to elevate. Fabric came to existence. The Fabric brand seems reminiscent of the Nike’s designers, Tinker Hatfield comes to mind. Maybe it is their original air-sprung saddle that reminds me of a Nike AirMax.

Fabric now offers a full range of cycling essentials. The Fabric headlight and cage-less bottle system have a well thought, minimalist design. The Scoop and ALM share this minimalist approach. The Scoop Flat is the saddle I’ve been using for some time now.

The reason I was so impressed was that after hours on the bike I didn’t even remember I was on a new saddle. I didn’t feel anything and in this case that’s the best thing to feel, nothing.

I was comfortable and I was able to move fluidly. The three-piece construction makes for great design and ties in tech. To the best of my knowledge, the three-piece construction facilitated the use of 3D printing to replicate a leaf spring into the seat rails or in this case the foundation of the saddle. The use of this tech makes for an extremely comfortable ride. I strongly recommend you test one of these Fabric saddles before making your next purchase.

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