EROK’s Standert Triebwerk Mach 2

That is Erok’s Standert Triebwerk Mach 2 that we had the pleasure of shooting on one perfect Miami morning right smack in the middle of winter. Standert is a Berlin-based brand that has been around since 2012. They have a showroom and café in Mitte, which is the buzzing center of Berlin. From that location is where they ship their frames and bikes worldwide. If Berlin is a destination you’d like to travel to, join them for their weekly shop rides called the Feierabendrunde (“After Work Ride”).

We got in contact with the crew at Standert and got a chance to talk about the origins of the brand, as well as what differentiates themselves from other bike builders, the technical aspects of the Triebwerk Mach 2 and why they continue to use to steel as their material of preference.

MRCC: What makes Standert bikes special or different from other bike builders?

Standert: What makes our bikes special? We are cyclists. We are racers. We are commuters. That’s why we only design those exact bikes we want to ride ourselves. Not following industry trends but just making the bikes we are craving for. Fortunately there are a lot of like minded people out there appreciating that approach and the bikes we build.

MRCC: What inspired the Triebwerk model, because it seems to be a bike that’s pretty much good for anything?

Stander: The Triebwerk is the road bike we always imagined. It’s classy looking but modern in it’s performance. So you can race your local crit without sitting on a plastic transformer lookalike.

MRCC: Is that one of the reasons why you guys go with steel as the manufacturing material?

Standert: Steel is (for us) the best material for a bicycle you will spend a lot of time on during all day trainings or weekend explorations. Modern steel is light, responsive, durable and stiff. Of course not as stiff as pro peloton carbon but you will need watts like Greipel to notice that.

Standert: Columbus Life tubing is all that what we were looking for to make a nice and outstanding performing steel road bike. Combined with the oversized head tube and the tapered full carbon fork it’s as stiff as it gets. The colors are matching our understanding of classy looks. And you can wear every kit color on it you want.

MRCC: Awesome, we’re big fans of the Triebwerk and the simplicity of the Standert design. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today.

Standert: Cheers!

As mentioned before the bike pictured belongs to Erick Flores aka EROK | Worldwide, and with the customization that Standert encourages it’s no surprise that Erick decided to add some personal touches to his bike.

The bike features a 3T finishing kit, full Shimano Dura Ace mechanical group set, and a set of beautiful HED Ardennes Black wheels with the classy looking Vittoria G+ Corsa tires with the gumwall finish.

Beautiful build by Erick, and by far one of my favorite bikes. Be sure to follow Erick on Instagram for more of his adventures and check out Standert bicycles for more bike porn.

EROK | Worldwide



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