Eliel Cycling: Shore Collection Kit Review

Photography: Nelson Queralta Jr

When it comes to cycling garments MRCC has been spoiled with the access and ability to use the industry’s top brands. We’ve been tasked with reviewing Eliel Cycling’s Shore Collection line of cycling apparel. The line consists of the Rincon jersey, and Laguna Seca bib shorts. We wont hold back, as our bar is set high.

Not having access to this brand locally, we didn’t know what to expect. At a glance, it didn’t seem much different than any other brand. But once we received the package in the mail and opened it, the kit screamed class and style.

Perfectly pairing a chic navy bib, with a vibrant pink jersey.

We immedietly noticed this beuatiful patch on the center pocket of the jersey that read “Crafted in California”. It gave us a sense of pride, knowing that we would soon be wearing an American made garment. The next thing we noticed, were the sleeves. Let’s start with the length, not too long and not too short. Right above the elbow, giving the jersey a race fit.

The sleeve material follows through to the collar, where the length is again perfect. The attention is in the detail, once zipped all the way up the collar is not overwhelming the neck area.

Going into the rear pockets, they’ve got two reflective tabs on both the left and right corner for visibility in low light. Pocket size, we’ll make it simple, an iPhone 6+ fits like a glove.

We were most impressed with the bib shorts. Again we see the patch stating it’s “Crafted in California” , using their premium fabric on the suspender to insure a proper fit. It’s a clear indicator that Eliel had fit in mind when they designed these garments. Where the two suspenders meet on the back area, they’ve incorporated a breathable mesh material. It then streamlines into a 8-panel bib design. The compression is just right, it hugs the quads with minimal movement. The chamois placement off the bike at first threw us off, but once on the bike it offers most comfort in an aerodynamic position. Aside from performing extremely well in a race setting, you can easily put it through a 4+ hour ride with no complaints. The value of manufacturing in America was clear.

In conclusion, we’ve been inspired to possibly create our own custom kit as Eliel Cycling offers this service.

If you’d like to know more about Eliel Cycling check out the rest of their lines, you can visit their online store linked below.

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