Drunken Dragon TKA Cycling Team

One of our objectives at Morning Ride CC is to not only cover and share the cycling culture in Miami, but also the people behind it. I’m going off-topic for a bit, but stay with me I’m going to segue back to cycling at the end. Imagine you’re in your car and you’re driving down the street and see a lycra-clad man or woman riding their bicycle down the bike lane. People tend to do this naturally, and that’s assimilate only what they see, specially when you’re in a car thinking about other things. So motorists see a cyclist, and that’s all they think, it’s just a cyclist. What they don’t see is the business professional, the nurse, the surgeon, the lawyer, the professor, the individual that’s part of our community who decides to wake up early in the mornings to partake in the sport they’re passionate about. Conrad Gomez, co-owner of Drunken Dragon Restaurant located in South Beach and Coach Gabriel Larrea who’s a swimming coach at Team Key Aquatics are those cyclists.


On any given weekend there’s a lot of group rides in all parts of Miami happening around the same times. One of those rides is the “Don Pan” ride, it’s a fast 25mph+ pace that loops to Key Biscayne and back about 2 times before ending at the popular Oasis Cafe. Miami is completely flat, our “climbs” are bridges connecting one Key to the next or to the mainland, which have short but punchy “climbs”.


What makes the riding here so unique? It’s flat so the pace is high and most fast or competitive rides usually end in an extremely fast bunch sprint. Miami is all about high speed and fast pace, and here the bikes do the talking. After the ride we linked up with some of the fastest guys in the community, the Drunken Dragon TKA Racing Team. Founded by Conrad Gomez and Gabriel “Gaby” Larrea.


These guys are business professionals with a high passion for cycling. That passion extends deep, as you can see printed on their self sponsored team kits that they rock with pride.


It’s a diverse group of friends, that love to have fun. Most importantly, no arrogance, just smiles and good vibes. Unless they’re on the bike, that’s when it gets serious. Wether it be training or racing.


After the ride, the crew stopped at the popular Oasis Cafe I mentioned above and that’s when these guys let loose, cracking jokes and having fun. It was a blast just being around such good times.

The coffee stop is a must. Your body needs a recharge from the hard work out and some caffeine hits the spot. After that, time to ride home.



















Special thanks go to the entire Drunken Dragon TKA team of:

Conrad Gomez // Gabriel Larrea // Nelson Angulo // Antonio Delgado // Enrique Saldarriaga // Ruddy Cornielle // Victor Hernandez

If you’d like to keep up with these kooks, visit them at:






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