Words and photos: Jason Delgado
Chapeau: The word comes from the French, and it means “hat”, it’s also used when giving someone respect, a short way of saying “hat’s off”. So, a well deserved “chapeau!” to Jimmy Toural, founder and host of the yearly off-road biking event called The Fakawi.
Fakawi 2017 was my first off-road event, and I was instantly impressed. My perspective was a bit different than most as I was behind a camera this time. Coming from a road bike background, I was impressed with many aspects the terrain; for one it required a different style of riding and a completely different set of tools and skills.
I was amazed when I saw Chris, a very familiar face on the road, grab onto the side of the barricade pull and propel himself forward. This was very much racing.

Hell, Nelson and I were racing the clock all morning looking for the action. We were in the boondocks like “where the Fakawi?!”

The most impressive thing was Jimmy. Putting on an event like this is no easy task. I spoke to him a few days before the event and he told me, “it’s been crazy man having to get permits and all the other BS.

There was one moment when we were waiting for the winners to cross the line, and I asked Jimmy, “When was the last time you road “Fakawi”? The expression on his face said it all – it was bitter sweet.  I am only assuming, but he looked happy and sad all at once; happy because Fakawi has become the event it is today, but sad he couldn’t be mixing it up. Shit I was behind the camera thinking “I need a CX bike!!!”

See you next year Fakawi and maybe in a different light.


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