Article by Lauren Cedeño | Photos by Nelson Queralta Jr

The Magic City, better known as Miami, is known for its subtropical climates year round and an attitude sure to bring out the best…or worst in you at any given time. Lucky for me, I get to call this insane place home. Falling more in love with everything it has to offer on a daily basis; from the “ventanitas” (coffee windows), to abandoned park benches, to the occasional angry driver screaming at a passing cyclist, I don’t discriminate and I am proud to say that I love it all.

Often described as a tourist in my own city, I enjoy nothing more than discovering all this magic city has to offer on the glory of two wheels. Food is just one of the reasons that I ride. In a city that may not seem very bike friendly, my appetite exceeds my fear of navigating the car congested streets.

Caja Caliente marks the first of many stops on this two-wheeled tour. Located on the east side of Wynwood on Northeast 2nd Ave, Caja Caliente is serving up Cuban classics with a Mexican twist and a few other locally popular dishes for good measure.

The Vibe: Your mama’s patio meets Key West, mix matching patio furniture, handmade driftwood signs accompanied by classic reggae tunes.

Bike Parking:  Bring your bike to your table, the casual vibe lends itself to allowing your bike to come with you.

Tucked inside a small unassuming roadside hut, it can be a little difficult to see from the street and you might even question if you’re in the right place. Our bikes were welcomed in which was nice so we could keep them from walking off with Mr. Stealyogurl.

It’s a great for lunch, dinner or late night. Myself and my bodyguards rolled up around mid-day for a few bites but ended up going H.A.M. on  Cuban style lechon delivered via corn tortilla in the form of a taco? We’ll take it. Tuna poke? We’ll take that too. Chips and salsa to keep us from getting hangry at the server? DELIVERED ASAP.  All accompanied by a couple ice cold Jarritos to top it all off.

With portions so filling the ride home began to sound dreadful, Caja Caliente did not disappoint. In search of a tropical escape, delivering awesome eats, a tranquil setting and fast service, look no further than this adorable Cuban taco hideout.

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