While covering the racing this past weekend, we couldn’t help but notice Ashley Russell’s beautiful bike zooming by the corners. The bike is a Specialized Amira with a beautiful finish, we caught up with Ashley after the race and chatted about her bike.

MRCC: Hi Ashley, firstly why this color is there a story behind it?

AR: I chose this color because I was obsessed with Tom Boonen’s Chameleon Venge, and I thought I was getting it, but when it came from Specialized, there was some sort of mistake and they sent a black Venge. I cried. Couldn’t get it.

MRCC: Is that why you went with the Amira?

AR: I chose the Amira but wasn’t sure how I felt about a women’s specific bike… I had read several articles that it didn’t make a difference. Nick Vargas who is a wizard with all things Specialized and was my fitter compared all of my measurements against the Venge, Tarmac, and Amira…. turns out my body was best fit for the Amira. Sandy from Big Wheel really pulled every string she had to find it in my size.

MRCC: Is this your race bike or are you follower of the eternal N+1 rule?

AR: I have another bike but I only use it for skills training and travel. My Amira (her name is Aurora) is such an extension of my person…. it feels weird when I don’t have her.

We wish Ashley the best of luck in the upcoming races.

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