Attaquer Season 9 Cycling Kit Review!!

So! Season 9 of Attaquer is finally in my hands and I can give a sold review of the differences with the new kits. Now, I don’t think I have to get into the history of Attaquer as a brand and how they’ve pushed the envelope on kit design, nor how high quality their kits are. All designed in Australia and made in Italy with the finest and cutting edge tech in fabrics. On top of that offering an awesome race, body contouring fit.


So the kit gets here and it looks like that, I love the Attaquer print on the plastic bag.


Once you unwrap that bad boy, you end up with a black matte paper wrap and a thank you sticker from Attaquer.


And insde, you get your kit neatly placed in a zip bag. Now they’re not super fancy like Rapha with their postcards or none of that stuff. Which is cool with me, because I usually just toss that shit anyways.


And finally, the kit! Already noticing differences, first off the bibs. I went with the leaf camo kit because it was my favorite one out of season one. I didn’t have the funds to get two kits, my second favorite is the black Give Em Hell kit, but as of writing of this blog post both the blue leaf camo and black hell kit have been sold out.


The upper part of the bib is now printed, and seems to be made of a different material compared to Season 8’s.  Season 8 was more of a perforated fabric, this one is full but seems to be equally as breathable and feels a lot better than last Season’s to the touch.

Nice Attaquer tag stitched to the bib. You can even put your name on it, in case you ride in a team matching bibs with your teammates and some get the confused. Indirect PP-to-PP touch. Not cool.

Close up of the printed bib, and the “Made in Italy” tag on older kits has changed. It now has the “Attaquer” script logo on one side.


Chammois seems to be the same as their race bibs. Which is a fluo yellow chammois as above, padding feels very similar.


Now on to the jersey! Attaquer printed on the grip accross the bottom. Side panels are made of a breathable material, sleeves remain long and their famous “Fuck Yeah” print on the inside collar remains.


In the rear you’ve got the three back pockets, but also the tag has also changed on the jerseys.

It now also has the Attaquer logo too.


And well, that’s pretty much it. I can’t wait to rock this bad boy and stand out on the bike. I’ll be giving another review soon after wear. Combined it with some navy Normcore socks for the matchy matchy pro look and sock dopeage.

Thanks for reading!


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