Pro Cycling Vuelta a Miami ’17 Race Coverage

Photos by: Nelson Queralta Jr & Jason Delgado

On a hot and humid Sunday morning in Miami. Hundreds of the best cyclists from Sunny South Florida come together for the annual Vuelta a Miami road race presented by Pro Cycling Miami. It’s one of the most anticipated races of the year, and one that no rider wants to miss. The race takes place annually during one of the hottest months of the year, the heat coupled with the high intensity and anticipation of the race, makes for suspenseful and good ol’ freaking bike racing.

The field this year was big as always, and all of the local race teams showed up. SilCarbon, AminoRip, Rush/Piquet Realty Racing, Stradalli Cycles, D-Proffesional.

Even the Support Clean Sport/Sea Sucker which is a team headlined by David Guttenplan based out of Orlando showed up.

The peloton getting past the neutral zone. On the left is Jake Sylverberg, riding for D-Professional. We’ll see a lot from him today.

The first attack of they day was by Xavi Santana of Team Amino Rip. Establishing a big gap off the bat was crucial for his team as it made the other teams answer to the move. Specially with the time-gap Santana was establishing on the peloton.

Xavi developed a pretty comfortable lead, but it triggered a chase group of three riders. He remained by himself for a while, earning him the Most Combative rider of the race. His background in triathlons and being the national Puerto Rican TT champ definitely helped.

Those three riders were Andres Alayon riding for D-Proffesional, “Kiko” the rider in the navy blue kit, and Fredy Matute.

All four riders stayed together for a large portion of the race, creating a gap of about 3-4 minutes on the rest of the field.

The peloton was hard at work trying to bring the break back.

Right before the half point of the race, the lead of the breakaway shortened, with Andres Alayon dropping back into the group.

But just like that, with perfect team tactics, D-Proffesional put another rider in the break with Jake Sylverberg.

This breakaway also stayed out for a while and established a big gap.

But with riders like David Guttenplan still in the main field, it was going to be hard for those four to stay out until the end, and they eventually got caught.

Easily getting the Most Aggressive rider of the race, Jake Syliverberg went out again, this time on a solo attack.

Putting a strain on the field to chase once more.

It was a day for breakaways, once Jake got caught after his solo effort. He got on yet another breakaway with David Guttenplan. With about 15 miles to the finish, this duo had what it takes to make it to the line if they worked together.

A chase of about 8 riders tried to bring the break back.

Once Jake and David noticed they were both making it to the line together, some race day politics were being discussed. Jake was riding for D-Proffessional this day, but he also rides for David’s SCS/SS team. Technically they’re teammates but today they were racing against each other.

The race to the line started, and it was David Guttenplan being the Man of the Day and getting the win.

It was a hard fought win for David and his teammates. Making the trip to Miami for the race and taking home the win.

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