The 10,000 Hour Rule

Article: Jason Delgado | Photos: Nelson Queralta Jr

Malcolm Gladwell popular best seller “Outliers: The Story of Success”, states 10,000 hours is the “tipping point” of greatness. This simply means if your willing to put in time and practice a skill the correct way, you’ll achieve an above ordinary result. But one must read in between the lines.

On a not so ordinary night at RTGT Miami this question came to mind as I witnessed the mastery of craft from Rodolfo Colón, Nelson Queralta Jr and Michael Cedeño. These three gentlemen all came from different walks of life, all have different experiences and all have one thing in common, “The appreciation for quality”. I was instantly impressed with the harmony of such men.

Mr. Colón greeted the two gentlemen at the door of his barbershop with a proper hand shake, no fist pumps or any of that nonsense. He held the door as the gentlemen walked in and asked them to make themselves at home, even offered a beverage as they waited for him to set up his work station. This is not only professional, but true hospitality in my experience.

Mr. Cedeño could not help but notice a well preserved piece of history amongst the art Mr. Colón has on display. He shortly followed with this statement, “I actually have a Rapha jersey that would go perfectly with this Bianchi.”  Mr. Cedeño is now the Rapha RCC Coordinator of the Los Angles clubhouse. A modern day cycling historian and a true gentleman.

Mr. Colón couldn’t help but notice a resemblance of Coppi in Mr. Cedeño after his statement. Now on to Mr. Queralta he is Morning Ride Cycling Club’s Founder and lead photographer, like any true photographer he always has a camera on hand. He jumped at the opportunity and said this is too amazing not to capture. Asked Mr. Colón “would you mind if I take a few photos?”

The modern day Coppi.

Hair: Rodolfo Colón | RTGT Miami

Mobal: Michael Cedeño

Photography: Nelson Queralta | NQJR Photography

Words : Jason Delgado

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