Style: Proper Sock Length

Yes, sock length is important. Extremely important. It’s something that should not be taking lightly and it’s a very serious breaking of a rule when you’re not employing the correct length.

First off, let’s get something out the way. If you’re a road cyclist or are road cycling, say no to ankle socks. Hey, we didn’t make the rules. But, the area below your calf and above our ankles needs to be covered….by your socks.

The perfect length is a 6′ cuff, depending on your height. Tall riders can get away with longer lengths but don’t push it. Don’t go higher than that because then you’ll get in to compression sock length territory and those are an even bigger rule breakage.

Don’t wear compression socks while riding your bike, wear compression socks when you’re off the bike since they’re meant to be used as a recover tool. That goes to road cyclists, triathletes, track cyclists, commuters, mtb, cx-ers, gravel riders…you see where I’m going with this.

We decided to use Rapha Pro Team (long) socks.

And Ridge Supply “Miami Edition” socks for our photos, the latter are made by Defeet using the Arieator 6′ cuff model.

If you follow this simple, but often broken rule. You’re sure to turn heads while out on the road and will stay away from the Sock Police…they’re out there, watching and patiently waiting for unsuspecting victims who haven’t been educated in the proper ways of the sock doping. Don’t be one of these poor victims.

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