Rapha Miami Pop-Up Opening Ride

What a great time to be part of the cycling community in Miami, premium cycling apparel brand Rapha has officially opened a Miami pop-up store. The store will remain open from November 14th – February 2nd. This is a really big deal. Reaching it’s 13th year since it’s 2004 inception, London based Rapha has cemented itself as the premium cycling apparel brand of the cycling industry. Up until this year they were the main clothing supplier of UCI World Tour Team Sky and continue to sponsor UCI Continental Team Wiggins and women’s UCI World Tour team Canyon/Sram.


The reason why is a big deal is because it’s the first time Rapha has opened a pop-up in Miami, and with it comes a spotlight on the cycling community of South Florida from one of the biggest brands in the cycling industry. The main focus of Morning Ride Cycle Club is to blog and document the road cycling community in Miami and how much is changing, for such an influential brand in the industry to decide on opening it’s doors in Miami, even if it it’s temporary, means the community here is growing in the right direction and others are noticing.

For Rapha to invest in Miami by having a physical presence means that the community is investing in the brand, cyclists here are purchasing Rapha. That means they’re appreciating the quality, style, culture and prestige that comes with the brand. Regardless of individuals’ opinions, the Rapha brand understands the cycling culture.


The store is opening it’s doors in an area of Miami called Coconut Grove. Also know as the “The Grove”, the area is known for it’s cycling buzz. It’s the connection between South Miami and the popular route/loop around Key Biscayne. It’s a high cyclist-traffic area as thousands of cyclists pass by The Grove on a daily basis. As part of the recurring events surrounding the pop-up store, a grand opening ride was put together and took off from the store early Monday morning.

The route was a single loop around Key Biscayne at a 18-20mph pace, leaving no one behind.

With a rest stop at the popular Oasis cafe for some “colada”, which is basically cuban for espresso with a lot of sugar.


During the stop it gave a chance for everyone to chat, exchange cycling stories. Check out some awesome bikes and also appreciate the fact that the cycling community in Miami is getting some well deserved love.

From Oasis Cafe, the ride made it’s way back to The Grove where the ride culminated and the store officially opened its doors.


For more information on the pop-up store and the rides/events to follow. Check out rapha.cc/miami 

Below are the rest of the photos from the ride, enjoy 🙂


























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  1. Ruddy Cornielle
    November 24, 2016

    The Rapha Pop-Up store in Miami is great! I visited the store and the staff and arrangement of the store is exceptional. Most bike shops in South Florida should follow their example.

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