Rapha Classic Handlebar Tape

Rapha’s new range of handlebar tapes consist of the Pro Team Tape and a Classic Tape. Recently I picked up a Classic bar tape to complement my neo-retro build. This seems to be a variant to their older bar tape, as it’s no longer made by Cinelli and Rapha seems to have developed their own.

Rapha’s line of products need to introduction, they’re a high-end brand and whenever a new product launches it’s safe to assume that it will be quality product.

Not all bar tape is created equal and it’s such a personal part of bike that no matter what the material, some will love it and some wont.

Rapha’s bar tape falls in that area, n my opinion is a great tape but I’m biased since I like the feel and touch of Fizik’s classic 2MM tape. Rapha’s tape is similar to it, but it’s thicker making it a bit more cushiony than Fizik.

As far as looks, well what can you expect from Rapha. It looks great and I love that the bar ends are white.

The written message does not go around the whole tape which is a nice touch. It states “Hold steady and pedaling, the road is long.”

Overall, I recommend the classic tape to anyone who’s thinking about. Coming in at $30 it’s not a huge dent on your wallet as LizardSkins and Supacaz offerings range in the high $40s.


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