Photography: Nelson Queralta Jr.

There will always be a special place in my heart for everything ‘90s, with perhaps the exception of ‘90s hair.  I lived in ‘90s “biker shorts” and Body Glove bathing suits.  And by “biker shorts,” I’m talking about those black spandex shorts with the brightly colored stripe down the sides.  I even wore the matching crop tops.

 I was all about bright colors, Hypercolor, and Cross Colors.  Let’s say that I loved to dress up, and still do.

Finding a stylish and functional cycling kit (that actually fits me) is challenging.  My go to brand is Rapha and although I am a big supporter of their products, sometimes I am looking to wear something fun, edgy, colorful, and bold.  Flourescent colors are now commonplace on cycling kits and I was searching for something different.  I tried MAAP, Lumiere, and Velocio kits; but, they just didn’t make my style cut.  Something was missing.

I first discovered Team Dream on Instagram.  I had no idea who they were and why they had such cool kits.  I looked at their site many times and enjoyed the athletic, fun loving, yet artistic quality of their photos.  After reading about them and learning that they are cyclists with a sense of humor, I was all in.  Between the fake team, chubby bobcat, and pizza t-shirts, it was right up my alley.  As expected, I did my online research before dropping $300 on a kit and learned that Team Dream kits are made in California by Endo Customs.  I’ve always been a supporter of American made clothing but it’s often hard to find stylish and good quality cycling kits that are made in the USA.  I appreciate the quality craftsmanship of Endo’s cycling clothing.

A year ago I purchased my first Team Dream Kit and I still wear it to this day.  I now own five of them and still can’t decide which one is my favorite because they are all equally awesome.  The bib shorts fit well, have clean lines, and a nice chamois that is comfortable on long rides.  The chubby bobcat logo on the bib shorts is the perfect finishing touch.  The jerseys are lightweight with a breathable mesh back and have generous pockets.  They have a race fit and the seams are in all the right places.

 I live in Miami, Florida where it’s hot all year round and even hotter in the summer.  I can wear my Team Dream kit when it’s well in to the ‘90s and not feel like I am melting on my bike.  The sizing definitely favors a slim cycling build, which is why I love these kits so much.  And yes, I am a woman that wears men’s kits.  Why?  Well, because they fit me better and I’ve never had an issue with men’s chamois.  For those that are wondering, they did offer women’s jerseys at one point but I didn’t purchase one.

I give Team Dream cycling kits five stars.  I will continue to support their brand and their mission and I hope to visit their Cub House in California one day.

Team Dream X MissKeiko

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