Holy Frijoles Kit Review

Photos by: Nelson Queralta & Jason Delgado

If you’re hispanic or latin, “holy frijoles” is a term you’ve probably heard before.

Jimy Toural or “Jimy Fakawi” wanted to stay true to his roots. Him along with a few friends had an off-road bike race team they decided to call “Holy Frijoles”.

This is the kit’s 6th iteration designed by The QUA, graphic designer and personal friend of Jimy.

The kits are made by Pearl Izumi and they’ve had a strong relationship.

This particular kit has been Jimy’s favorite but he’s got a 7th edition of the kit being released soon.

For more info and to stay tuned to future Holy Frijoles releases, including a brand new T-Shirt design, visit the link below.

Holy Frijoles

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