photos & article by Nelson Queralta Jr

Mikey’s Ferreiro’s S-Works Shiv, the machine he pedaled to the U23 Time Trial Florida State Championship, but time trials are not the only thing he’s good at, nor are they the only races he’s done with this  impressive custom Shiv. Before we go into his accomplishments let’s talk about how he got this bike and the customization behind it.

Mikey got this bike while working at Bike Werx which has since closed. Bike Werx was a consignment bike store where clients would take their frames or complete bikes to sell. Bike Werx in turn would shoot them and put them up for sale online. When this bike came in, it was brand new and still in it’s original packaging. As he was inspecting it, he knew he had to have it.

The bike is a Project Black, which is a special edition frame with only 50 made worldwide. The project black name pertains to the finish of the bike, which is raw carbon with clear coat on top. No paint, just bare bones to reduce as much weight as possible.

From factory, the bike came with white S-Works stickers, but Mikey got the bike customized by Radius, owner for Cartel Customs which is a body shop that works on his cars. Radius knew Mikey was a cyclist, so he offered to customize his bike as well. Mikey gave him three colors and Radius took care care of the rest.

The inside of the chainstays & fork is gold leaf.

The gold inspired his sister to customize his road shoes to match the details on his bike.

Which is outfitted with Sram Red E-Tap.

A Specialized crank with Sram aero chain 54T chainring.

It’s also got Enve 3.4 training wheels but a disc setup for triathlons and time trials.

The AWA acronym stands for All World Athlete and is quite a coveted achievement. Being part of it for 2017 meant Mikey was top 1% of his age bracket for the year. He also went to 70.3 Worlds in Australia with this very bike.

His win in the state time trials was also very unique, he planned on having a power meter on for the race in order to pace himself but wasn’t able to install it in time.

Without a power meter to pace himself, he basically just went all out for the entire time trial. Straight heart and pure suffering. Whatever it took to take the win.

He’s been part of Elite Development Team SilCarbon for the past five years. With a strong team they plan to do some of the big races of 2018 along with defending his win at the state time races.

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