Ale Camogli’s Festka Asphalt

I don’t know where to begin when it comes to writing about this bike. Part of it is because I have a bit of a writer’s block, another part is because there’s just simply too much to say about this custom build. I’ll try to keep it simple as I don’t want our bike features to sound too technical, but I really want to properly document the beauty of the bikes we feature. So I’ll try my best to find the medium, let’s just go straight to it. This is a Festka Asphalt, built to order for Alejandro Camogli.

Alejandro aka “Ale” is originally from Argentina and travels to and from Miami regularly during the winter. Since we have one of the best winter seasons, a lot of cyclists from abroad tend to spend time here. I met Ale through his brother, Alfredo, whom I met back in early 2016 while out on a ride around Key Biscayne. Fast forward to late last year when the Rapha Miami pop-up opened and I got a chance to ride with both of them during the grand opening ride of the store. Doing most of my cycling in Miami proper, it was no coincidence that Ale, Alfredo and I had mutual friends.

It was through those mutual connections, Diego Tosoni pictured above, that I came to know Ale had recently gotten a custom built Festka Asphalt. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to shoot this bike, so we got together one past morning and took some photos for a Morning Ride feature.

Festka is a bespoke frame builder based out of the Czech Republic, producing top quality framesets in titanium, carbon and steel. They’ve come to be revered in the bike industry for their awesome paint schemes. But it’s not only from an aesthetic perspective that the company gets it’s recognition, it’s also from the loads of options that they give their customers. From frame material as mentioned before, to standard and custom geometries. Festka buyers have options at every step of the way. With the end result being a completely custom bike built specifically for it’s owner.

Ale’s frameset is titanium and put together with SRAM Red E-tap. Sram’s E-tap is the completely wireless component offering from the company.

It was my first time seeing it in detail, and it was pretty awesome just looking at the rear derailuer hanging with no cables attached whatsoever. On a CNC one-piece hanger btw, one of the options of the Festka frame.

Since the bike was built specifically for E-Tap, there’s no front or rear deraileur cable frame passages. This bike can only work with a completely wireless component group. Which as of now is only from Sram.

Finishing off the build is a set of Zipp 404s with Vittoria Corsa G+ tires. Arundel bottle cages and Fabric saddle.


As for the ride, Ale says that the bike has a great balance of comfort and stiffness. Titanium is the perfect medium, stiff and light like carbon or aluminum, yet smooth like steel. Ale mentioned the bike does not disappoint and sees himself riding it in all sorts of roads and conditions.

Ale plans on taking this beauty back to Argentina and taking on plenty of rides around the globe during his travels. His other bike is a Trek Madone 9, and now he’s going to deal with a great problem to have. Which bike to ride!?

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