Article by Jason Delgado | Photography by Nelson Queralta Jr

First and foremost congratulations to Alex Zambrana for winning this title. That stars and stripe kit is well deserved.

With the sport now being adopted widely by multiple generations from different walks of life we sometimes forget the basics like respect, humbleness and etiquette.

I personally have lots of respect for Alex, not only for his success on the bike but for his behavior. Alex always says hello and is willing to help in any aspect whether it’s helping change your flat or spotting you a dollar for a bottle of water.

Nothing but class, hell I’ve even seen him tune a competitors derailer before a race.

Alex didn’t earn this title over night, it was years in the making. We’re going to talk a bit about his history.

Alex says he is a BMX’er at hart. He raced BmX across the country and rode vert half pipes for fun at a young age.

Later on it was identified that Alex excelled at sprinting but his passion is pursuit and time trials.

He was told that he shouldn’t focus on TTs or Pursuit, because it wasn’t his strength. I am not sure how I would taken to that!

Maybe prove it on the bike? Alex felt the same way and he went on to win pursuit and time trial races, the most resent being the 2017 Florida State Time Trial Overall title.

Alex also did several small stage races as a teenager. In ‘91 he didn’t make the US Team selection for the Tour of Guatemala but he got an opportunity to attend with a small squad. Where he ended up racing against Team USA.

Did you catch that key word “selection”, in other words it wasn’t because of lack of talent. I’d say there were other motives, being an American cyclist wasn’t easy so imagine being a Hispanic American cyclist.

Determined With that small squad in Guatemala he took the Sprinters Leader’s Jersey from Team USA and held on to it. One week later he brought that jersey home along with a top 10 overall finish. Team USA must have been kicking themselves in the butt after that race.

That showing in Guatemala proved Alex had the ability to climb and sprint, earning him an opportunity with the famous Cafe Colombia Team, unfortunately it was short lived as the team folded. Alex then rode for Team Manzana Postobon for a few months before returning to the US.

I found this extremely interesting and it hit close to home as I’m both Cuban and Colombian. Alex was a Cuban American cyclist racing for a Colombian team in the early 90s. Think about that for a minute. Epic is a suitable term.

Alex later returned to school in the US and started racing MTB’s across the country in the national championship series.

He did quite well with some top 5 finishes, regional titles and winning the Specialized Cactus Cup Crit in’98.

Until just a few years ago Alex owned two bicycle stores in the greater Miami area called Z’s bike shop, where in a short time his shop received top 100 dealers in the country! Not once but twice.

Alex is clearly a driven and determined individual. Z’s bike shop was successful but he made a decision to close them as he wanted to focus on new experiences and motivation. Remember to manage a successful business you must be the first one in and the last one to leave. Time becomes your most valuable asset.

Alex is now focusing on family and training  he says he could not be more blessed.

I’d say Alex is Winning.

Alex will like to personally thank his sponsors there more like friends to him.

  • Racer’s Edge Cycle Shop
  • BMC Bicycles
  • Oakley
  • Pioneer Power
  • Time Pedals
  • Shimano
  • Tailwind Nutrition
  • Pinnacle Coaching

” I’m very proud to represent these brands but more importantly I am proud of the individuals that represent them.” – Alex Zambrana

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